Gem of Purest Ray Serene

Nagavalli's vocal concert at the Durbar Concert was sheer delight to listen, nay, get sublimated in it.
A new and young talent claiming parity or even surpassing established names is no small acheivement.
Endowed with a firm and melodious voice, Nagavalli could negotiate any curve, climb any height and dive any depth.
When she was moving in the plains the majestic charm was captivating. Devotion, dedication and dignity marked her every note.
Star Of Mysore 1982

Nagavalli Sangeetha Vanada SwarnaValli

Nagavalli is one of the most celebrated artist in the field of music. Voracious capacity and god gifted melloflious voice has made her a unique flower in the archid of music. Keeping her music apart , she is a humble and modest induvidual as well as vocalist and a good housewife.
Taranga 1993

Delightful Concert

Among the leading artists of Bangalore, Smt Nagavalli Nagaraj has carved a niche for herself, as an artist of repute.
With her high pitched rich voice and talent Nagavalli delighted the audience on monday.
Her selection of Ragas and Kritis itself is a revelation of her repertoire.
Hindu 2007

Imaginative Flights

Dr Nagavalli and Ranjani Nagaraj's singing was characterised by clarity, fluency, diction exhibiting their vibrant extempore.
The overall style and method of presenting numbers left no moment of slackness either in mood or in verve.
Their voices synchronised admirably irrespective of the speed or pitch.
Hindu 2007

Rich Rendering

A rare combination of mother and daughter duo regaled the ausience with their unique talent and concert craft.
Carnatic vocal duet brimmed with Vidwath and artistry. Their was oneness in their rich music when singing together.
Ranjani's fluency, diction,articulation thought and execution of Laya seemed to be a replica of her mother and Guru Dr. Nagavalli.
Hindu 2007